For years I searched and searched for the plan – the meal plan the exercise plan the diet plan the supplement plan –

THE plan –

That would give me guaranteed results in creating a body that just looked amazing and felt alive and energetic and oozing with … I dunno – OOMF!

You know that quality that isn’t just looking good and isn’t just feeling good but is more like that you feel you could BE, DO or HAVE anyone or anything?

Like a cocky confidence – not arrogance – but a confidence that just felt like flow and ease and light… that made the days just glide by and no matter how much you did you just had energy to burn.

…and OH how disappointed I was after trying it all, to discover that NONE of those plans would give it to me.

No matter how hard I tried, no matter how closely I followed the ratios, the numbers or the guidelines –

It just wouldn’t lock into place.


Well, wouldn’t you like to know?

Wouldn’t you like me to tell you MY plan so that you could start to use it to…

Bwahahahaha! Still looking for plans are you silly kitten?!

I WILL NOT be giving you a plan today to pull you off course once again…


Its ALWAYS been inside of you.

This is what I found, that the answers I had been looking for had always been available.

Shiiiiiiiiittt!! They hadn’t JUST been available – my inner voice had been SCREAMING them from within for freakin years!

Do you really think that I wake up each day and count out how many grams of protein Im going to eat or how many grams of carbs I can have to stay lean?

Do you really think I weigh my fucking broccoli and my sweet potato to make sure I dont eat too much of both?

Do you really think I use will power to make sure that I dont eat too much at my meals because my plan says I can only eat so much?


Wanna know a secret so amazing it seems crazy?

I just eat what I feel like eating each day
As much as I feel like
At whichever time I feel it
The End.

I dont give two fucks how much magnesium is in almonds…

I dont care a shit for the fat content of pork or chicken…

ALL foods on this earth can be pleasure or poison for different people… Some people cant eat bananas… I cant have milk…

How do I know?

My body simply tells me.

If you want lasting success gorgeous then its time to drop the NEED to be TOLD what to do like a – and Im sorry not sorry here –

Like a mindless sheep who is too afraid to take responsibility for herself and her results.

Ever heard someone blame their coach / trainer / guru for their lack of results?

Grow the fuck up
And take responsibility.

Victims dont get results and YOU KNOW you aint no victim beautiful…

You know you are powerful beyond measure…

So START fucking ACTING like it!

Start listening to the wisdom that your body has within…
Start to ignore the ‘rules’ when they dont agree with your experience…

Start to OWN the fact that you have always had the answers and are the type of woman who gets what she wants when she trusts herself.

The weak ones will tell you youre crazy… they will be scared shitless of your ability to step outside the normal… they will tease, laugh, cajole, threaten, cry and berate to try to keep you down…

And then they will go back to their mundane normal lives and surround themselves with the other weak ones, forever blaming the world for their lack of results.

Turn in
Tune in
Act accordingly.

You were always the plan.


Want our help turning in? Want to understand the messages that are coming from within so that you can make the right decision for your body – FOR FUCKING EVER AND A DAY?

Then The Society is for you lovely.

Turning in for the answers may be your birthright and available to you right now – but it took me years to understand it. Let us speed the process up for you and unleash the hot as fuck woman who is inside you.

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