I still see fitness “gurus” saying some of this crap even in this day and age! Let me just smash down some of these once and for all.

Grrrrrrrrr it makes me angry that I still have to see this!!!

MYTH 1: Crunches tone your abs.
I read this one today and its such a load of shit. Crunches actually use far less calories and muscles than movements like deadlifts, squats, push ups and pullups. The only way to see your ab muscles is to reduce your total bodyfat levels.
I think we all know someone or have BEEN someone who could do hundreds of crunches but saw no change in the appearance of our abs.

SOLUTION: Do circuit based workouts using the exercises I mentioned before with 30 — 60 seconds rest in between. You could also try sprinting which works great as well (my 8 Week Sprint Guide is available now as a free xmas present, get it here).

MYTH 2: Do high reps of exercises to get “lean, toned muscle”.
There is no such thing as lean, toned muscle. There is just muscle and fat. Tone is when you have muscle and not much fat. So to have tone you need to build muscle and then lower your bodyfat levels.

SOLUTION: Use both lower reps and higher reps to get the best results. Sometimes you need to lift as heavy as you can to force your muscle to improve.

MYTH 3: Eat your carbs in the morning and burn them off during the day.
Actually, in the morning is the worst time to eat carbs. THE WORST! Eating carbs in the morning has been shown to make you more likely to eat carbs throughout the day (and crave them) and negatively impacts your moods. Oh, and makes you fatter.

SOLUTION: Kickstart the day with whatever protein you can stomach with some nuts, berries and a little veg. Alternatively, a high quality protein shake is a good alternative (has to be balanced though, protein powder alone is not enough).

MYTH 4: To lose fat you need to do “cardio”.
Did you know the concept of cardio – going for a long run or ride etc has been consistently shown to not only give poorer results than more intense exercise, but it also ages you faster!!? Not to mention, its fucking boring….

SOLUTION: Use a combination of resistance circuits, sprints (see a pattern here) or team sports such as touch rugby. Personally, I prefer sports because I like the social interaction and it doesnt feel like exercise.

MYTH 5: Eating fat makes you fat and leads to heart disease.
If you are still on the fence about this one – dont be. Its been shown to be true. You NEED fats in your diet epsecially if your goal is weight loss, but also for good health.

SOLUTION: Cook with butter, coconut oil and ghee and use other cold pressed oils such as olive oil in salads. Avoid crap like canola oil and grapeseed oil.

Well theres a quick 5 myths dispelled! If you see a fitness guru on facebook saying the opposite my advice is to unlike their page quick smart! They obviously dont have your best interests at heart 🙂

Stacey xxx