Week 1

Day 1
First read the Kickstart guide. There is a fair bit of info in there so dont worry if it is a bit overwhelming.
Next take your measurements. Do this in the morning before you have eaten anything and always do the same way. If you missed this morning, then do it tomorrow first thing. Monday morning is best every week as it keeps you honest on Sunday!
Then its time to workout! Read the circuit guide to know what to do and if in doubt, check out the Exercise Library on how to do each section.
Day 2
Tabata Training. Tabata is a short burst training session when you only have 4 minutes. It involves choosing two resistence exercises and alternating them as:
20 seconds of work
10 seconds rest
Use one or two full body exercises and alternate exercises for the working period
Go here to download a specific Tabata Timer
Day 4
Rest / Recover today from exercise.
Options are:
Stretching / Mobilisations
Day 5
Circuit A
PDF iconCravings MBT Cravings will most likely come in this first couple of weeks while fixing your diet. Have a read if you experience this.
PDF iconWeek 2 Meal Plan Next weeks meal plans so you can buy whats needed!
Day 6
Circuit B
Day 7