Week 3

Training has a big focus this week, the programs get tougher and you are expected to train every day that calls for it. If you cannot do the full workout on a given day, I want you to do a 5 minute tabata style workout rather than wait and see if you can make it up the next day. Some examples are here.
PDF iconMake sure you are setting your 3 clear goals each week.
Week By Week Action Plan MBT
PDF iconThis week we use the same programs you have just learnt, with the goal to add a full extra round of the circuit. You may use slightly more weight if you like but dont feel like you have to, just stick to the reps and get all 4 sets out. Technique is more important than more so use that as your guide. Good luck!
Week 3 Circuit A – Advanced
Repeat Week 3 Circuit A – Advanced
Repeat Week 3 Circuit B – Advanced

Time to earn your fun brekky! Start the day with ONE of the following training options and enjoy whatever you eat:
1. Sprints. Here is a really simple sprint program. Find a stretch of road, grass, an oval or even stairs – even the street out front of your house is fine so dont complicate things by looking for the perfect place. Now do:
10 x 30sec sprint followed by 90sec active recovery.
Active recovery basically means walk slowly back to your starting position. Unless you have been playing a running sport or are already doing some sprint training, keep your effort to no more than 75% of what you feel you are a capable of. All finished in 20 mins.
2. 5 Minute Tabata. Yes this is only 5 minutes compared to the sprints which are 20, but you have to use two particular (worst 😉 )exercises. It goes like this:
20sec Thruster followed by 10sec rest then
20sec burpee followed by 10sec rest.
Repeat 5 times.
Make sure to stick to the timing required.The sprints would be preferred but its more about making it fit into your day. Go nuts at brekky, just dont have anything that is banned by elimination. My suggestion would be free range bacon on top of gluten free pancakes drowning in maple syrup. Throw some bananas fried in cinnamon and coconut oil and honey in there after. You might need a food nap after though! 🙂