Week 4

This is an important week.
You are going to work out if you have intolerance to certain food and also try to work out a way to maximise your sleep and recovery.
Learning to sleep better is not as fashionable as eating and exercising but it is equally as important.
The foods are not different this week than you have been eating but the principle is that you eat your starchy, sweet carbs at night and not at all during the day. It takes a little planning but you don’t have to stick 100% to the meal plan, as long as the day time involves only veggies and protein and fats and you have a spike of carbs at night.
As a general rule, eat about 3/4 – 1 cup of cooked carbs at night, whether it is rice, sweet potato, white potatoes, pumpkin etc. You are experimenting to see if it makes you tired more quickly and helps you to go to sleep and stay asleep.
On Friday, you will do a challenge test as to whether you are gluten intolerant or not. By then it will be approx 3 weeks since you had gluten (if you have been true to the plan) so you should get a very noticeable reaction if you are intolerant (see Friday for more info about what to expect).
Friday is planned because you need to experiment with sleep for the first 4 days and food intolerance will screw your sleep up, so make sure to leave it till Friday.
Finally, this week you get to have red wine and chocolate! Hooray! 2 glasses of red wine across the week and 2 x 25g of dark chocolate. It doesn’t really matter when you have them, but don’t have either on Friday night and don’t have them on the same night…
Make sure you are sticking to the exercise that I have set out for YOU! Each week is building on the previous to get you maximum results!Today Is a 5 minute Tabata Kettlebell Swings. I challenge you to post a picture in the forum of your workouts this week! Just a shot of you in your workout gear, or your shoes! Feel free to get creative!
Gluten Intolerance Challenge Test.
So on the menu tonight is wheat based spaghetti bolognese. This meal is chosen because it involves gluten from the wheat, but no dairy products. This means no cheese on top!You have been a couple of weeks now with no gluten (if you have stuck to the plan) so if you have an intolerance it is likely to show up here. Simply eat the meal and wait and feel how you react to it afterwards. It is likely that you will feel some symptoms straight away, but also be aware of how you wake up on Saturday morning as if you do have some level of intolerance then you will probably still feel it the next day.

I gave you the symptoms to look out for in the elimination diet handout, but you will know whether or not it has occurred. Either you will feel crappy or you wont experience any difference.

Enjoy the meal!


So how did it go? Gas, bloating, fatigue, hangover like feeling in the morning? Dark circles under the eyes more than normal? Itchy or irritable? If you experienced an increase in any of these symptoms then you most likely have an intolerance to gluten. So where to from here?

I dont tell anyone what they have to do, that is not my place. I’m just here to show you what does and doesnt work, you have to make the decision on where to go now. Some people choose to eliminate gluten from their lives 100%, and there are plenty of amazing gluten free alternatives and recipes out there. Some choose to have it when occasion calls or if they find something that they just have to try, such as an exquisite dessert at a restaurant. Some dont change at all because they find it too difficult.

Here is the ugly truth though. If you do have an intolerance based on the outcome of the challenge test, you have no chance of getting into your best shape if glutinous foods remain a regular part of your diet. You might be ok once a month or every other month and intolerances can actually improve if you arent eating the offending food constantly, but you really have to choose between looking and feeling awesome, and the convenience and taste of wheat etc. I know what I’d rather.