It took me awhile to realise that the body that was staring back at me in the mirror was now my body. Who would have thought I would look in the mirror and not recognise what was looking back at me?

A few months after giving birth, the toughest months, I have ever gone through (I know you agree). I felt like days and weeks rolled into one, there was no such thing as night time anymore, I was elbow deep in yellow poo everyday, naked cos my cracked nipples ached if anything touched them, oh and did I mention tired… Fuck was I tired!

You push through because you have to!

Don’t get me wrong it’s the best time of your life… Juuuusssst really hard work.

So I turned to food as my comfort and to try and get some much needed energy to keep me going… At this point I was also trying to stay off coffee. But the sleep deprivation has really set in.

My body working overtime, producing milk and having  this new little life that depends on me and demands my attention, like I’ve never had to give anyone else before.

It’s exhausting to say the least.

Before you know it you’ve gained an extra 3 kilos!

What the fuck?

I’m supposed to be losing weight right? With all this breastfeed??? Surely she is sucking the fat right out of me? Apparently not!

It wasn’t until I got a handle on my day to day life, with my new bundle of cuteness, that I found myself looking in the mirror again.

Holy shit did I hate it! What was looking back at me?

I didn’t fit into my ‘pre-baby’ clothes, I was still wearing my dreaded pregnancy clothes that by now I wanted to have thrown out… I felt unattractive!

I didn’t want to get naked in front of Ryan… just incase he was hoping for some action! I did NOT want him to touch one of my newly acquired wobbly bits. Nothing was not going to happen in this state! Boobs full of milk, bum now touching the backs of my knees, not to mention the stomach which is now hanging like a low swinging pouch… eerrrr yuk!

Finally I couldn’t handle making anymore excuses. You know the ones, I’m too tired, I’m too busy, I need to clean the house (not one of my favorites) I’ll just eat this one piece of chocolate (next minute all gone!), or ill do it tomorrow!

Anyone of these had me convinced I could get my body back! haha

So instead of being intimidated by the massive ‘number’ that was my pre baby weight, I just set small goals for myself to achieve everyday. They consisted of:

  1. Set up a walk date with another mum (I found accountability was key for me).
  2. Strap the baby carrier on and do a set of stairs.
  3. Simple exercises with baby – 10 minute baby workout, she loved this.
  4. Have my food prepared for the day.

These are the four I started with. Achieving something small for my day, gave me the boost I needed to start seeing results and also some sanity. Things were feeling firmer, clothes were getting looser, body parts were moving north again (big plus) and I started to find my motivation that had been hiding for some time!

Just start small and start today. What are your four goals to start getting your pre-baby body back?