Why are you so busy pretending that you don’t want it all –

Instead of getting out there and making ALL of it happen?

For some reason back in school we were told to be realistic. I remember being told “you can’t have everything…” and its true that anything –


Anything repeated often enough becomes reality.

Thats why I tell myself every day that I deserve EVERYTHING. Everything that I want and fancy, even if I think its fucking outrageous.

Why is that so absurd ? Surely its FAR more absurd that here you are, a single soul in a universe so big that it might just be infinite.

A single soul that is the culmination of BILLIONS of years of universe-y things happening.

Besides, you already have so much already! Its not like you are struggling now is it? How did you get all that you have right now, hmmm?

You just focussed on what you wanted and got it, yeah?

Why should having it all be so different?

Really, the only thing it comes down to is what you are willing to tolerate.

I can’t tolerate having an average body… to be honest I can’t even tolerate having a good body – it has to be great. I to keep getting comments like the other day where a woman stopped me to check my baby was real because she didn’t believe I could have kids! (I didn’t tell her that she was looking at number 2 🙂 )

Its not even hard any more. I put only slightly more than zero effort into it. Just the same way that you put slightly more than zero effort into the things you take for granted and are good at.

I can’t tolerate having an average relationship – I want to be ON FIRE every day.

Too much to ask? Maybe I should just accept that life is busy and there are so many things to do to make a living, and that were tired and that part of the journey is to become room mates dedicated to raising children?

Fuck that.

I was blindfolded and tied up in bed a couple of days ago –

Coz fuck getting old and dying on the couch, watching Shitflix or reality TV.

Ryan and I can not and will not accept sedating ourselves to ignore parts of life that aren’t good enough –

And so –

THIS life.

So over to you gorgeous, what are you tolerating right now that is beneath you, less than the amazing, creative, intelligent, hot blooded woman that you are?

What is the FIRST thing that comes to mind when I ask this question? Does admitting it SCARE the fuck out of you? Like it can’t be whispered out loud in case someone might hear and tell the world?

Coz THAT thing –

Is the VERY thing –

That you should be doing NOW.