Its NOT The BODY That You Want, It’s How You Think It Will Make You Feel!

This is the number one reason why losing weight doesn’t make you happy.

You have attached your future happiness on losing weight because when you are there you will FEEL happy, you will be happier with yourself and therefor life will be different.


This whole mentality will keep you not only dissatisfied with life but it will also make weightless HARDER!

I am going to give you the most important advice you will see ALL YEAR, right now.

Make yourself happy NOW and the weightless will be easy.

Easier said than done?

Nope, its fucking easy.

Start doing shit that you love, that makes you feel good EVERYDAY.

Stop waiting for this magical point – once you’ve lost the 10kgs to ‘be happy’. I hate to break it to you, you won’t be any happier when you lose the weight unless you start being happier now!

weightless will never make you happier – its the journey int creating who you want to be everyday that brings happiness.

This is why we always say, “don’t do shit you hate, to get a result!”


Because it will keep you unhappy.

And at the end of the day weightless isn’t about a number on a scale, its about how it WILL make you FEEL.

So I challenge you to start FEELING that way now!

Start loving your life, the things that you do, the way you see yourself, how you act and watch the unstoppable woman that you become!

This way you don’t have to wait.

Because if you choose to wait, you will always be WAITING!

It will never happen.

It might seem hard, you might even be swearing at me through your phone right now, calling BS.


All you have to do is start doing more of the things that you love doing, start choosing your emotional state – Do you want to be happy or sad?


You can choose to be unhappy, to mope around, to hold yourself in overwhelm and sadness or you can stand the fuck up, go for a walk, go for a run, go catch up with a friend, dance around the house…


Choose your happiness – now!

Stop waiting for someone to hand it to you on a silver fucking platter or worse keeping putting it on hold until you ‘lose the weight’.

I can promise you that if you do this your weight loss will be EASY!


This photo is so significant to me…

It was me choosing my life, choosing the path that I wanted to walk.

It marks the point 4 years ago when I chose to go after my dream, this dream, the dream of impacting MILLIONS of womens lives!

Has it been easy – yes and no.

When I went ALL in – it was easy.

When I fucking half hearted it – it was hard.

This is your turning point, this is your slap in the face – what do you choose?