Have you ever stopped and thought for a moment that maybe you DONT want to lose the weight? That deep down you actually dont really want to look like that future version of you that you picture in your mind?

im sure right now you’re scoffing and thinking –

As if!! Of COURSE i want to lose the effing weight!

Of course I want to look like the shit hot goddess version of me that I see in my mind!

Dont ask me stupid questions haha…

Stay with me though here because I am going to reveal something to you that I doubt you’ve considered before and if you spend 60 seconds reading this then you may just have a motherfucking EPIPHANY as to why you haven’t lost all the weight yet…

We’ve had some mind opening and soul expanding conversations with our mentor this week while staying with her on the beautiful Gold Coast and as I write this I am sitting in her beach front apartment 40 or so stories above the beach listening to Schoolies erupt below.

One of the conversations was around why we haven’t yet hit our next level money goal (and of course there is always a next level) and she asked us a curious question –

Who does not hitting that goal allow you to be?

At first we reacted in the same way that you probably did – with mild annoyance and being a little triggered…

I mean, why the fuck wouldn’t we want to make more money, when we love what we do so much and get to see so many lives changed for the better?

We are living the dream…

But as we allowed the question to sink in, we began to realise that maybe there was a reason that had held ourselves back from going to the next motherfucking level.

You see, in our minds the idea of next level success had to come at a cost to our family.

We had the idea that to create more income, meant working more hours (and we already work a lot as it is) and that this would impact how much time we could spend with our kids and each other…

There was also a part of our business that we felt like wasnt something that we could continue to do week in week out forever…

In our heads –

Success equaled being disconnected parents…

Success meant less time with each other…

Success meant not loving every part of the journey…

Of course, going next level doesnt mean this at all!

There are a million ways to make money but our limiting belief had cut us off from even considering the possibilities available to us.

Which brings us to you –

Chances are if you haven’t had the weight loss thing stick by now, it means that you haven’t really been 100% fucking honest with yourself about why you are staying in your comfort zone.

You might CHOOSE to believe that the more time taken to focus on yourself, means time taken away from your kids or partner –

So you tell yourself the story that you need to be a “good” mum or wife…

You might CHOOSE to believe that weight loss success equals eating foods that you dont truly enjoy –

So you tell yourself the story that you “love food too much” to not eat bread or whatever…

You might CHOOSE to believe that you have to restrict yourself daily to force your body to change –

So you tell yourself the story that “it will never work for me” or “its my genes”…

SO – EPIHPANY time bitch!

Getting hot as fuck with a flat stomach and firm butt isn’t just about eating and exercise –

You have to BECOME the woman that lives and behaves and thinks like a goddess.

If you spend your time saying you want to look and feel a certain way but deep down, really, truly –

You feel that this will compromise the things in life you VALUE most –

You’re FUCKED!

Do not pass go…

Do not collect $200…

Today I want you to sit with your journal and REALLY take a look at your beliefs around what it will take to become a fucking goddess in body, mind and soul –

See if your beliefs FIT with your values…

And if not –

Change the fucking story.


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