🔥I’ve Got 2 Hot Tips For You Beautiful! 🔥

Are your thoughts consumed with what you should and shouldn’t be eating all day long?

I know many ladies are consumed by what to eat, when to eat and why they should or shouldn’t be eating…
Here are my top 2 tips to reduce your obsession with food:
1. Drink LOADS of water – Divide your body weight by 22 and drink that many litres of water. (Bw/22=Litres) 
I can hear you saying bah, that is NOT the answer Stacey there is more to it than that!

Gorgeous, the thing is if you don’t drink the right amount of water you WILL:
- Suffer from food cravings that are so intense that no amount of will power will stop you.
- You will over eat. 
- You will snack. 
- You will eat the wrong foods for weight loss. 
- Consume more sugary foods
- Store fat.

You can halt ALL of these in their tracks if you just drink the fucking water!

You think your body is saying “eat food,” when it is in fact so dehydrated that it is pulling the water from these said foods to try and hydrate you!

I promise you next time you think “I’m hungry, drink the fucking water (at least 500mls) and then ask yourself, am I still hungry?

I bet the answer is no!

When you do this the weight just falls off!

2. Use a 16 hour fasting window.
That is correct, eating between the hours of 11am and 7pm will help you STOP thinking about food.

Fasting has a whole host of benefits that I am not going to go into here. What I want you to know is that it helps with thinking about food all day long.

Sneakily it also helps you drink more water ;) hahaha. Because you need to drink water when you wake up until you can BREAK-YOUR-FAST (yes, breakfast = breaking your fast) at least 1 litre.

Implement these 2 tips and watch your food obsession die and your waistline shrink!

Do you suffer from this? Let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Then go and try what I have suggested! Don’t forget to share this with your friends – I’m sure they will thank you for it!