Before I tell you how she did it I want to mention that she is a single mum (you hard working legends!) who works full time and still keeps herself looking smoking… Which is to say –

No matter how busy you are –

You can always get into hot AF shape.

So we were sitting there we three and we asked what she had been doing and she laughed and said that it was funny because she gets asked that 10 times a week at her gym by ladies that exercise 6+ days a week – while she herself only exercises 2 – 3 times per week!

So she laughs and then says “Its all food” and that her 2 – 3 workouts are hard as fuck for sure, but that she doesn’t do much in between.

So you might be wondering what exactly she was eating and in a moment I will share that with you for a very important reason –

Right now, millions of women around the world – maybe even you – are making New Year’s Resolutions to get fitter, leaner and healthier…

And for a lot of those women… and maybe you… joining the gym is a part of those resolutions…

And it may be the worst mistake that you make this year.

Here’s why…

While exercise is incredibly important for good health and energy and wellbeing –

It’s not super important when it comes to fat loss.

For muscle tone, you want some exercise for sure (and you don’t need a gym for this) but for weight loss –

It comes down to food and sleep and letting go of the limiting beliefs that stop you from taking daily action.

We know this to be true, because we help hundreds of women lose weight doing nothing more than walking! If you have ever done the Ultimate 21 Day Cleanse, you would know that 5kg – 11kg simply falls off over 3 weeks doing no more exercise than an almost daily walk…

I really wanted to say this because after working in the gym industry for over a decade, I KNOW for a fact that over 70% of the women who join in January –

Aren’t going in March…

And I want to save you time and money and most importantly –

The frustration and disappointment that comes after a couple of months of hard exercise without the expected weight loss.

Ok with that said, what food was our friend eating?

She said that she ate:
– high fat (more than 80% of her energy came from fats)
– most of her carbs coming from fruits
– no grains
– meat when she felt like it, which wasn’t very often at the moment
– lots of veg, especially the low carb high fibre veggies

Oh, and she also said she did some fasting each day.

Should you do this?

The 64 million dollar question! The answer is that you should learn what works for YOUR body.

You might feel amazing and lose weight doing this too…

You may get slow and foggy and feel half starved doing this…

You may find this causes you to crave and binge eat…

So, let me open 2018 by saying –


Make this year YOUR year by TUNING in to what your body is telling you and putting in the little bit of effort needed to give it that!

Coz you could keep doing what you have been that hasn’t worked every other year –

Or you could find the formula that is going to work for YOU and NEVER again have to worry about this whole weight loss thing.

Big choices this week! 🙂

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