Sometimes you feel that no matter how hard you work and no matter what you try, the results just seem to always elude you.

You make a plan, you push, do the work, you struggle and kick some butt –

And you get a result but it is just so fleeting and short lived that you end up wondering what the fucking point of all that work was!?

Know what I mean?

Of course you do…

I’ve been feeling this today.

Even though its so stupidly easy for me to stay in awesome shape – like, easy to the point of it doesnt even matter if I binge on cake or chips, I STILL stay look and feel freakin’ awesome –

Its not always true with money.

Money is always something that gets made and then slips through my fingers just as quickly… It doesnt matter how much of it I make, it doesnt matter if it FAR exceeds my expenses –

It just seems to go.

Its not that I dont work hard, Im definitely not afraid of the hard work and grind that results require.

And its not that I dont know what to do, Ive been there and done that before.

As i sat here with this today in my journaling, I got a very clear message from within –


You see, I have been afraid of responsibility since I was a kid. My parents separated when I was young and then mum died a few years later.

I was thrust into the role of carer for my brother and sister…

I was expected to act like a balanced and rational adult and keep my siblings safe, when my body and mind were telling me to play and be rough and go and be alone or with kids my own age.

In my 20’s and 30’s, I could never work out why I couldn’t get ahead to the level I wanted to. I was smart, driven and willing to work… and while I had some success for sure, it wasnt what i knew was possible for me.

I knew I wasnt born for good… I was born for great!

I started to realise that I would use surface level excuses for my sabotage… I would blame others for THEM not taking responsibility… I would look to experts or people in authority to tell me what to do.

All the while, avoiding the responsibility for my results.

It wasnt until I took OWNERSHIP – extreme ownership – like EVERYTHING that I do or dont have in my life is on ME –

That I have begun to see bigger results start to happen.

Which brings me to you…

You really think that your unfair schedule is to blame for you not doing your exercise…

You really think that your hubby / friend / boss or kids are the reason that you arent where you want to be with your body…

You truly believe that you haven’t succeeded in getting
because of some reason OUTSIDE of you?

You know what Im talking about, dont you.

The crazy thing… is that you ARE capable of taking 100%, ZERO doubts, complete and extreme ownership of your results –


And when you do…

When you STEP the fuck UP and start OWNING that shit –

Then all the surface excuses like –

I just like food (or chocolate or other sugary delight) too much…

I’m too busy right now…

I just cant afford it right now…

I dont have time right now –

They just drop away…

And you are free to CRUSH IT and get the results you want.

Oh, one more thing –

If not TODAY –



Ready to own that shit?

The Society is the highest weight loss game we’ve ever played and already we are seeing MASSIVE results in a ridiculously short time!

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Its because of our one of a kind 4 step process:

STEP #1 is to RESET your body. Like, literally flick the reset switch from “OFF” to “FAT BURNING MACHINE”.

STEP #2 is to discover your unique food blueprint. Did you know that you have a unique set of rules that exist within your body? But these arent like the “rules” you’ve learnt from the media or other experts… How could an expert know your body better than you?

All you need to do is to tap in to what is ALREDY there inside you – and eat accordingly.

STEP #3 is to CRUSH those mindset blocks and self sabotage. Look, lets be honest you and I – you know that you should stop eating biscuits…

You know that you should exercise…

You know you should make better choices… but –

You dont always do you?

Its not that you arent trying, its that something keeps coming up for you to knock you off the bandwagon.

When you dont do what you know you should – its NOT a food and exercise problem! Its a MINDSET challenge…

And until you rewrite those beliefs –

You Will ALWAYS Fail.

You can never rise above what you believe!

STEP #4 is to put this all together so that you can do it forever YOURSELF. Does your body work the same now as it did before kids? Or as it did 5 years ago? No? Do you think it will work the same in another 5 years? Or after another kid?


You change and your needs change too.

So if you follow a one-size-fits-all plan, then EVEN if (and its a big if) you get results –

What happens in a few years when your body changes?

Well its no biggie, as long as youre happy to keep buying plans for the rest of your life!

Once you go through this process then YOU are the trainer… YOU are the expert… YOU are all you will ever need to be able to keep your body how you want it.

This 4 Step plan is what we offer in The Society.

If you feel this is right for you, then PM us now on Facebook and say fuck you to dreaming and hello to living in the body you want.