Yesterday was an epic day of filming and writing coupled with some truly frustrating parenting moments with a child on a come down as we build this business in the cracks of life.

You know the cracks? Those moments where the kids sleep well and play their own games without the need for you to entertain them and the phone doesnt ring and some how you manage to get all the “stuff” of life done and then spend time working on what’s actually inside of YOU!

Charlize had two birthday parties on the weekend which, since we made the decision long ago to not make her feel left out at social events, meant she ate her weight in glutenous cake, food colouring and sugary drinks and all manner of other things that she doesnt normally eat at home.

Which means a come-down like a motherfucker on Monday or Tuesday as her little body finally rids itself of the junk. In case you wonder how much difference these foods make – we have no doubt that Charlize would be “diagnosed” with some sort of attention deficit disorder if she were to eat it all the time.

This crap food come down is what i can only imagine a drug addict would go through during withdrawal – wild swings between tears, violence, aggression, bargaining, mania, the fetal position and a non stop attempt to drag you into the situation.

On top of this Jett’s teeth have decided to be painful enough to wake him up during all his naps during the day and interrupt his sleep at night which of course means extra feeds and less sleep for Stacey.

And all the while we kept searching for those cracks to do what we love – sharing our message of no rules weight loss in ways that we find inspiring and entertaining.

In the aftermath of the come down when Charlize and Jett were both finally asleep, we sat on the end of the bed, looking somewhat exhausted and worse for wear and talking about how little we got done for the day towards building our dream.

We were both having a little pity party about how tired we were, how frustrated, how unfair it was etc… You know those usual excuses that surface when you want an easy out.

And we both realised something, almost at the same time –

I say realised, but really we both FELT it – it was a body thing not an intellectual thing –

We felt and KNEW that compared to the strength that we have inside us, as well as our unshakable self belief, that these challenges –

Junk food come downs
Being tired
Waking multiple times a night
No time
Always wanting more money (funny how that never changes no matter how much you earn) –

That this stuff is all dust in the wind compared to what’s inside of you.

You can always go to another level of ability, acceptance, self love, action, commitment and power.

BUT – and its a big but –

You WONT get there if you want to stay attached to the story of how hard, or not enough or I cant.

You have unlimited power to deal with whatever comes up in life, as long as you arent willing to invest in that story, because where your attention goes your energy flows. Your energy can flow into what you want to create, or the story of not being enough.

Focus on what you WANT.

Keep putting one foot after the other.

Every day.

On repeat.

Until suddenly you look around and are SHOCKED to see that your dream has materialised around you.

Do you know that you are born to create a body and life that most dream of – but have been indulging in the story of lack, scarcity or not enough?

Stacey’s Unstoppable Woman program has launched for the third and most likely LAST time for 2017! So this is your last opportunity to lift the bar on how you show up in life and unleash your ability to rise to ANY challenge that pops up in your life.

Unstoppable is you and Stacey working so close you will think you have moved into our hustle house! Almost unlimited access through live calls and messenger, you dont “learn” techniques or anything as mundane as that –

You fucking ABSORB the way Stacey operates and how she shows up daily –

The food habits
The lifestyle habits
The exercise
The unshakable, unstoppable fucking attitude

ALL da’ stuff that she does to stay lean, fit, strong, sexy and relentless in creating her dreams.


She has just decided to add $500 worth of bonuses for this third and final 2017 round.

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2018 can be your best year EVER in body, marriage and life – but the work begins now.