I was asked a question the other day, one that I’m going to ask you…

What regrets do you have in your life?

Think back on your life…

All those silly mistakes, good times and adventure, what are the thoughts and feelings that come up?

Do you regret any of these things?

I asked myself this very question and the answer was not what I expected.

I have done my fair share of crazy, silly and somewhat stupidly fun but scary things in my time (especially considering now I’m a mother of a daughter, who I’m confident will be my payback), BUT do I regret them or feel any kind of remorse for these life events?

No, I don’t. Not one little bit!

Going sky diving, traveling to Vietnam, being the rebellious child, the black sheep, getting drunk at age 12, one of the worst break ups of all time, partying to wee hours of the morning, jumping off cliffs, moving to another state at age 19, dating two males at the same time – really my list could go on… As I’m sure yours does!

These are the actions (some I still cringe at) that have made me who I am today, strong, independent, driven and totally focussed on what I want out of life. With the ability to take risks and action!

I had to sit and really think about, what I DO in fact regret…

Surprisingly, It came down to a list of things that I haven’t done! That I would have loved to do, but feel that the time had past and I can no longer do them!

I don’t regret the things that I had done, it was the ones that I feel I have missed out on, that really had me feeling that sense of regret!

Makes total sense now that I have taken time to put it in perspective!

I’ll put it to you another way…

What do you wish you had done and didn’t follow through?

What opportunities have you missed out on because you didn’t take action right now on them?

What are you putting on the back burner for a later date, even though you could do it or start it today?

What past regrets do you have and what action could you take right now to rectify your regret?

How are you going to regret proof your future?

Start small, start today, don’t hold back! Don’t let it be ‘too’ late to start!

I know a lot of women feel like they can’t get into shape or it’s too late for them, yet everyday they look in the mirror and wish for something different. Or when they go to the shops to find nice clothes they regret not training or eating better!

This is an easy one to change and you can start now! Right now, tomorrow never comes and neither will your strong, fit, bangin body!

Changing the small shit, leads to bigger more important changes in life…

Get on board, share your regrets or the things you are going to change to rectify your actions.