I’m declaring I’m not hard enough on myself… Yes, I let myself convince myself that “yes you are doing enough and making the changes you need to get to your goals!’

Calling my own BS!

I think about my life on a regualr basis… all the frickin time and think to myself, I thought I would have it all worked out by now and have my shit ‘together’!

Whatever that’s supposed to mean?

I’m pretty sure that by now in my predetermined life that I’m supposed to be a successful business woman, have a residual income, two houses and be living in the bahamas somewhere sipping on a friggin cheap fresh coconut.

Reality check….

This is so far from the case it’s not funny. Highly due to the limitations I put on myself around, how I live my life currently. Do I spend my time constantly moving in the direction of my goals? Do I change a situation if it is not serving my purpose? Do I leave NO stone unturned to work out what works for me to smash my goals?


I’m definitely not making the most out of my online business, I spend way too much money frivolously rather than saving it to go towards my desired investment property, I am too busy checking up on everyone else’s lives on the good old stalk book, instead of using that time to get my message out there and build my business.

There goes my bahamas dream…

SIGH… Yes I’m being slightly tongue in cheek, BUT very truthful.

I know you are your harshest critic when it comes to your body, life and how you are feeling. I stand here asking YOU are you doing everything in your power to change those so called things, you hate about yourself and your life?

Are you changing habits that don’t make you happy?

I know I’m not, so my guess is that your not either? Correct me if I’m totally off track here, but I know you are picking up your iPhone for an average of 40+ minutes a day (some studies say 3 hours), you procrastinate for at least 21% of your day and watch 3 hours; 1 minute of television a day!

Now are you really sure you don’t have time?

Are these habits really serving you and making you a happier person? If they are great keep doing them, but if you want a change and crave something different then start with just one small change..

You don’t have to go crazy and overhaul your whole life. Change creates change, flow and direction. Once you get moving forward towards your goals, everything else will start to come into alignment.

You will be chasing down your dream lifestyle in no time!

So take action today and join me in the Routine Rebellion … it’s free, fun and fraught with danger!