If you’re like me and you’re highly motivated and want to crush big goals in your lifetime – then at some point you have probably come up against that feeling where you can’t work out the next step no matter how much you think about it.

Even though you’re smart and capable and are often the one that your friends turn to for advice – for some unknown reason you can’t sort your own shit out!

You feel stuck.

Like you’re banging your head against the wall.

Like you can’t find flow with what you do and the ideas and solutions just won’t present themselves like little gifts.

I felt this this morning as I wrote in my journal. Things that usually just flow out of me, well, weren’t.

I have a technique that I use to get back in touch with my inner needs which is something I developed myself (though I’m sure many creative leaders have come to this themselves!) to open up the flow and get back to inspired action.

Ive never named it but its basically an intuitive questioning flow where I ask myself a question and simply go with the first answer that feels it came from my inner voice. Ill talk more about this another time but as I went through this process this morning I got hit – WHAM – in the face with a realisation.

This past fortnight I have had a flurry of ideas for a series of funny and really powerful videos to help everyone in this community go next level with their weight loss. Even just talking about them has had Stace and I in stitches and you are going to WANT to watch them just for the fun of it – as well as learning more about creating lasting weight loss.

But, 2 weeks on – no action.

We haven’t even taken the first step towards drawing them up or getting the camera out.

We’ve been caught in the busy work of our biz, stuff that does have to get done for sure – but its not the stuff that we live for!

The actions that excites us…

That put a smile on our faces…

That make us giggle like school kids in anticipation of you seeing it…

The FUN and CREATIVE stuff!

If you want a SURE FIRE way to block your creativity and your intuitive decision making –

Then ignore it while you’re getting it!!

How many times lately have you had an inspired idea for something, a fun or entertaining or connected idea that makes you smile and lifts your mood –

Only to ignore it.

You say to yourself that it would be good… but there is too much to do. Life is too busy. You have to do all the housework or work work or other boring life stuff.

There’s no time for fun now, not with all those “have-to’s” or “should’s” that need to be done.

There will always be more should’s to tick off that list gorgeous, but if you want to feel more alive, more uplifted and more in flow with life then you have to take the INSPIRED action when it strikes –

Otherwise life is a dry task list of things to be done, before you die.

And you will feel stuck, bored and not sure whats missing.

Think for a moment now the ideas that have come up for you lately, the ones that you have been shoving back down, the inspired moments that need to be actioned.

Take action on one of these today to show that you TRUST yourself and your ability to live life how you want it.