This blog post details everything you need to know about how to create a kickass personal lifestyle plan that leads to fat loss, more energy and damn sexyness! In it I share the personal lifestyle habits and techniques that I have developed over the years to make sure that my stomach is always flat, that I have the drive and spirit to love everyday and that I can end many of my days with chocolate and a glass of red.

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I see women everyday handing their personal power, strength and body over for a single opportunity for instant gratification – whether it be chocolate, dessert, hair and makeup to pretty themselves up, buying expensive clothes to make themselves feel good.

Yet it NEVER lasts, it is always fleeting!

Back come those feeling of lethargy, disappointment, self loathing and the wishing that you looked and felt differently, when you are at home with your own thoughts, your kids and your hubby. Who by the way you are dying to have look sideways and notice you, for him to  come over and not take his attention, eyes or hands off you!

True happiness comes from within!

Spending bulk cash on expensive clothes, make-up, hair, handbags, shoes or nails isn’t going to give you a sense of self worth, strength confidence, passion or purpose! These feelings come from a place where you decide to change, grow and discover.

Am I going to say you can have all of this, if you get your body looking shit hot?


What I am telling you is you have to start somewhere! Now I’m not going to beat around the bush, life is easier if you are healthier, have an abundance of energy, feel love when you look in the mirror at yourself, have spare energy to give to your kids, can pull any outfit out of your wardrobe and rock the shit out of it!


Life is too short to be unhappy with how you look or feel and you know what YOU and only YOU have the power to change it. Time to woman up and take action – action is fun, exciting, invigorating!

You have the opportunity right now to have anything in life you desire, you just need to decide to fucking go for it! Take it with two hands and give yourself no option but to achieve it. Yes, somedays will be hard – you might want to tear your hair out, cry, run and hide – BUT this is when you need someone pushing you, motivating you, and not giving you the option to pussy out, but to keep you on track and putting one foot in front of the other to get to where you want to BE!


If you don’t change anything you will be!


Fact even!

Before you read any further promise me that you will change one thing after reading my 5 non negotiables?

Coming from a 1:1 personal training background, I’ve seen the flaws in the system. People rock up exercise and think that since they are paying $100 an hour (what I charged 5 years ago for my services) that they are magically going to get results…

It’s total BULLSHIT!

I’ve also seen, implemented and know what gets REAL results, life altering results! Let me tell you, exercise is not the most important part AND F*CK cardio – I’m talking traditional cardio, don’t even do it unless you enjoy it, or are training for an event that has a running, riding or skipping component!

I want you to have access to what delivers REAL, life changing results – the stuff that will stay with you for life!

This is my mission my purpose my calling and it’s to empower you with the tools mindset and actions that will not only get you in the BEST shape of your life BUT to have you moving forward and taking on the more important goals like starting your own business, travelling overseas, climbing mount Everest, building houses in Vietnam – the shit that gives your life meaning!


Let’s Talk Results, How To Get Them AND Keep Them!

There is no doubt that there are a million and one different diet, exercise and mindset plans out there and I haven’t tried all of them, I never will. What I am going to share with you is what I have done to see the results I have in my own life and my clients lives!
Food is number 1 – you are not overweight, because you don’t have a gym membership or an exercise routine. It’s because of what you are putting in your mouth! You are what you eat, your cells are literally made up of the food you consume, your hormones are regulated (not all) through your consumption of food. These hormone (especially for females) control your weight or weight loss. If you don’t change your diet, your results will be fleeting and you WILL gain weight again.

Mindset is number 2 – Well this one is a doosie, it can make or break you! You need to constantly challenge your belief system, set up your goals, plan for them and journal about what is going on in your mind. You need to be conscious about what your mind is saying – you need to take this a step further and start actively talking to yourself. What do i mean by this? You need to start telling yourself that you are good enough, that you are taking action and treating yourself with love, you look great, you are a strong women, that you are making changes to improve your mind body and soul! Yep, self love start practising it! You need to set your mind to love and respect the women that you want to be. No tearing yourself down, everyone else does that enough for you!

Stress is number 3 – Stress makes you fat! Over production of cortisol (your stress hormone) will see you hold on to your weight or put more weight on! You cannot out exercise stress in your life. Matter of fact if you are stressed and push yourself too hard this will have an increased negative effect on your body. The body doesn’t decipher between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ stress, it’s the same thing. So get 8 hours of sleep a night, take a minimum of 5 minutes to yourself to sit relax and breathe, eliminate all stress that you can’t change, implement an action plan to change the stress that you can actually change.

Exercise is number 4 – Finally we are up to training, the one this that everyone puts firs,t but is a minor factor in getting results if you don’t have the above points in check! To change your body shape, tone up and have your body on FAT burning mode 24/7 you need to be doing weights. This will get you the results you are after, I promise! You don’t need to run for miles or ride a bike you NEED NEED NEED to lift weights! It will give your body definition, no more tuck shop arm or flabby inner thighs! Squat, lunge, deadlift, chin up – fit strong and sexy is the name of the game! Lean muscle will burn fat 24/7!

Lifestyle is number 5 – All of the above will be a waste if they do not become your lifestyle! Take The Biggest Loser for example, you cant change your life, lose the weight, look and feel a million bucks, then go back to what you were doing before! Doesn’t work! You will get fat again! What ever changes you implement to get the body and life you so desire, you have to keep doing them for the rest of your life! FULL STOP! So if you stop eating or go on meal replacements to lose weights, ask yourself can I keep this up for…. THE REST OF MY LIFE? Of course you can’t! Make healthy life changes and results will be your forever!

So where to from here?

Here are some ideas to think about and take action on:
• What number above set off the biggest ‘aha’ moment for you? Write it down. Now work out where you have maybe failed before and write how you will make the necessary changes to get results that last.
• What would be easiest/simplest for you to do right away?
• What would that involve or include?
• When will you start? Set a date, write down the changes you will make, commit to a goal and a plan of how to get there.
• GO!

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