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Bikini Bodies Are Built Now!

Can I be straight up here? You know that, deep, deep down (deep deep), that having a bikini body is about more than just wearing sexy, overpriced swim wear. It’s about confidence. Its your message to the world that “I’m here…and I do shit on my terms.” Because who wouldn’t feel like that if you KNEW that you could stand completely relaxed on the beach in your skimpy bathers? No squeezing the lower part of your stomach or wrapping a sarong around your waist to hide that pesky belly roll.
Let’s say that again: confidence.
Confidence to wear what you want.
Confidence to act outrageously if you want.
Confidence that, if you just put this piece of the puzzle (life’s puzzle) together that you could do a whole lot more with yourself than whats going on at the moment.

Ever feel like that?

I know I did. After being a personal trainer for years I had to relearn how my body worked so that I could lose my pesky baby weight. And let me tell you, cracking the code wasnt easy – it took me some hard work! But I did it and now it’s a breeze to maintain.
Look, I know that you are busy.
Putting everything you have into your family.
And probably putting food on the table as well these days (I am). And sometimes there’s just not enough hours (or energy) in the day to do something for yourself and all thats left is to collapse in front of some shitty evening TV – Even though you DESERVE more! Phew!
I’ve been through that too.

But nothing changes without you changing first!

And I’ll tell you a little secret, something that I realised after I made the change for myself. Here it is:

You can’t give to others what you dont have yourself.
If you dont make time for yourself, then you always feel like everyone is taking your time.
If you dont put energy into yourself, then you let everyone take your energy (and its a bottomless pit).
If you dont put yourself first, then (and Im SURE you know this one) then everyone else comes first and you wonder how come you work so hard and still feel a bit empty.
I bet you can think about the last time you did something just for yourself (it may have been a while ago) and I bet IMMEDIATELY after – you were your best self. You felt light and energetic and like life was easier. I bet after you were able to give more time, energy and fun to your family and friends, because you had allowed that for yourself. It probably lasted a few days even.
Im pretty sure I just discovered a law of the universe or something! 😉
Look I know there are a million reasons why you shouldnt get put yourself first: time, money, housework needs to be done etc…BUT…I also know that you have decided to follow me and that you are already working on your body anyway. You are already doing this (with enough time you would probably get there), youre just not doing it as fast or with the laser beam focus that you could be.
You can have the look and the feel good so much faster and easier than you think!


Don’t Take My Word For It

“As a mother of three children, I struggled to lose the weight gained from pregnancy and I gained twelve kilos with my last pregnancy. I turned to Stacey for some advice and guidance. She gave me all the information I needed to change my way of life in regards to food. Not being on a diet but a change of lifestyle. Stacey gave me background information on health and healthy ways to eat, what are the best foods to eat, when to eat them and recipes, so what to have for breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks.
As a time poor person juggling children, a house and work just being able to change my eating habits was enough for me to lose weight without exercise. I lost twelve kilos with no exercise, I felt energised and felt better when I looked at myself and loved the fact I could buy new clothes and smaller sizes.
If I had not reached out to Stace, I would be doing the whole yo-yo dieting and be getting nowhere. Now I’m on my way to achieving my health and fitness goals.”


Bec Burridge

Nurse, mother of 3

“I lost 3.8kg in the first 16 days.
7 months after having my baby I was devastated that I still hadn’t lost the baby weight.
I had been counting calories and eating healthy meals and exercising a lot yet the weight wouldn’t move.
I was tired, bloated and having huge binging sessions after sleepless nights.
I started Stacey’s program 15 days ago and I feel like a new woman. I’m full of energy, have a flat stomach and have already lost 3.8kg!!! It changed the way I feel about food and I can honestly say I haven’t wanted to binge yet. I no longer crave the food that was holding me back and have learnt how to make smart food choices.
People are always commenting on how amazing I look especially in the weight I have lost in my face.
I am finally back to pre baby weight after trying everything and have regained my confidence, feel like myself again and have developed a healthy relationship with food again. “

kristy pic

Kristy Houghton

Sales, mother of 2

“This program was amazing. Life changing!”

roxy pic

Roxy Bizzaca

Personal Trainer, mother of 2

These women were in the same position you are now. Desperate to lose the weight they had gained, feeling run down and exhausted, totally unsexy and wanting to just wear nice clothes again!
These women are real just like you and I. They have completely transformed there bodies into a slimmer, sexier more confident version of themselves.
Can you imagine going from where you are now? Feeling extremely tired, soft, saggy, sick and tired of thinking about your bloody weight…To being where you REALLY want to be?
Time to get real!
I know you might be stuck in your head thinking … ‘Can I really have my body back?’ ‘Nothing has worked so far!’
Let me tell you…You can get your body back!
You can achieve this transformation. You can have the body that you desire and yes you can have all of this in as little as 12 weeks or less.
This is my absolute promise to you!
I’m not just throwing this out there… I have been through it! I have helped hundreds of women just like you to transform and get their bootylicious back!
WAIT… Before we continue lets see if my Mum’s Body Transformation is really for you.


  • Are sick and tired of being a frumpy mum and just want to rid yourself of the baby weight once and for all?
  • If you want to feel fit, sexy and confident with heaps of energy to tackle whatever is thrown your way
  • Have very little time to spend on yourself and need results in as little as 10-20 minutes a day
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there and JUST want a proven step-by-step formula that will help you gets results in as little as a week.


Flipside! This is not for you if:

  • You want to change your body but not change anything about your lifestyle. Want results without giving up daily booze? Aint gonna happen honey.
  • You want me to “save you” without any effort on your part. The information is all there, but YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK! I can’t visit you at home and slap you for not exercising – you gotta do the work.
  • You tell yourself you have no time. Ok so this isn’t always your fault, a lot of women have been fooled by the media into thinking that getting a great body takes hours a day. It doesn’t have to. But if you are telling yourself that your day is full and you can’t spare even 30 minutes for YOURSELF – well get used to how you look because it aint changing until you make time for yourself.
  • You dont want it badly enough. What’s it worth to you to look and feel this way, out of 10 say? If its not at least an 8 then you probably should spend your money on something else.

I know you want to get shit hot in as little as 12 weeks and want me to show you exactly how to?

Here’s Exactly What You’re Gonna Get

  • 12 Week Workout Program – that are designed to fit within the requirements of being a mum (hint – no need to spend an hour exercising each day)
  • Exercises Guide – pictures of the exercises that you are going to be doing.
  • 12 Week Meal Plan – that show what you should be eating and drinking and when
  • Shopping Guide – with explanations about the best types of food to buy
  • Food Guide -Advice on how remove the foods that make you bloated and puffy (EVERY one of my clients ate these before they worked with me)
  • Simple Stress Management Techniques – why they are ESSENTIAL if you want to flatten your stomach
  • $1800 worth of value. My clients used to pay this to work with me 1:1
  • Yours to keep FOREVER – download it to your computer or phone so that you can always refer back to it.

Why I really understand…

I had a baby 2 years ago, I’ve gone through putting on the pounds and eating for two. Watching my body grow with life and the not so exciting stretch marks that came after. Being the heaviest I have ever been.
And then being left in a body that I didn’t even recognise…
I mean how the hell did my boobs get down there, my ass was soft and saggy! I lost all confidence in my day to day life, I didn’t want to be out and about and socialising became less and less.
I hated it and everything in my life suffered!
I know how it feels to hate the body you are in,to not let your partner see you naked or want him to touch all the wobbly stuff, especially those jiggly love handles and hell sex was definitely out of the
question. None of my clothes fitted, I would complain that I had nothing to wear and I flat out refused to buy a new bigger wardrobe!
And what excuse did I have to not get back in shape? I mean I just sit at home all day and do nothing right?! Um… AS IF! (I could slap my partner sometimes!!!!)
But you know what I realised?
It all starts with a decision. A decision that you are worth being first for a measly 20 minutes a day. But that that 20 minutes a day makes me a happier, stronger, more energised and better person every day!
And even better – I have more to give to my little girl!

Stacey Barnes is the complete package when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. She is dedicated, learned, and insightful. Stacey has helped me to improve my fitness as well as feel more satisfied when I look in the mirror. Stacey takes on the role of mentor who looks after you physically and mentally. I certainly owe her my smile when I look in the mirror.”


Trudy Haddleton

Nurse, mother of 2

MBT is great! I would highly recommend it if you are like me and lack the confidence/knowledge and staying power to get yourself fit and healthy. I felt supported from day 1. Stacey actually listens to your individual needs and helps you overcome them.
The forum is fantastic with the other ladies. They are very encouraging and enthusiastically share recipe ideas and sharing there troubles. It is great seeing results in the group.
I will definitely be working with Stacey through out my weight loss journey! Xx”


Hannah W

Young & Baby free!

I’ve never really been a gym goer and I despise running, I also wasn’t the best eater, purely down to the fact I didn’t know what’s actually good for you and what’s doing my body harm (apart from the obvious foods). Stacey assured me she could get me feeling and looking great without having to run for miles and sweat for hours at the gym. She also educated me on nutrition.
Within a week I noticed a big change in my mood and my energy levels. Then not much longer I could actually see physical changes in my body. I liked what I was seeing which really spurred me on.
Stacey’s now taught me how to maintain my sexy body with little effort and to actually enjoy my exercise. I can’t believe how easy it is and the amount of yummy food I now eat, it almost seems like I’m cheating.
There’s really no better feeling like walking to your wardrobe in the morning and throwing on anything that’s in there. Not needing to consider what covers your bum the best and doesn’t cut into the fat under your arms.
Thank you Stacey.
Stacey Barnes is the complete package when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. She is dedicated, learned, and insightful. Stacey has helped me to improve my fitness as well as feel more satisfied when I look in the mirror. Stacey takes on the role of mentor who looks after you physically and mentally. I certainly owe her my smile when I look in the mirror.”


Shara Roberts

TV Network Hair and Makeup Artist, young and baby free

This Guide is worth in excess of $1,800.
Honey in my many years as a personal trainer I taught women these techniques in thirty minute sessions over the course of several months! It cost them more than $1800 often to learn everything in this guide. Thats why I just had to make it available at an affordable price. Every women deserves to know how to keep themselves shit hot and sexy.

Still not sure?

If you’re still not sure, let me ask you a question: whats stopping you? Is it money? Is it the time excuse? Is it that you want to look around for another program and waste a bunch of time? Or is the real reason that you don’t trust YOURSELF? You don’t trust that you have the power to make the changes necessary? That you are not strong enough to make better choices and stick to them? That you aren’t worth a measley hundred and thirty nine buck and around 30 minutes a day?

Coz you know what?

You are.

I’ll tell you what the real cost here is. The real cost is not the money for the guide. The real cost is:

  • the time that you waste doing it without good guidance
  • the energy you waste not liking what you see in the mirror
  • the money you waste buying shit that doesnt work

That is the real “cost”.

Cmon, lets do this thing.