Whenever I break through stressing about a situation, whether thats not having what I want or feeling stuck or restricted, I suddenly realise that –

It was always there waiting to be received.

It doesnt matter in what area of life whether its my body or money or health, the moment I decide to let go of the stories that build up in my mind and simply take the action required – the answer just seems to present itself.

Ive been stressing about money recently. There’s things I want to do and, well they cost money. But it hasn’t felt like money has been available to me as much recently.

This really comes back to how I feel about myself. Being sleepless and run down for a while now, I really haven’t felt worthy of commanding the amount of money I usually decide is available to me. Ive felt like “why would someone want to pay me with the way I am now?”

The worst thing with this story is that it stops me making decisions. I just stall. I stop taking action. I find things to make myself feel busy that really when it all comes down to it – dont fucking matter.

This of course just digs the hole a little deeper each day!

This morning its taken an hour to shift myself out of this. To shift the story about what I want not being available to me. To allow my inner state the freedom to be able to make a powerful and aligned decision. And of course…

In the INSTANT I changed my state, my intuition delivered up the answer! Two hours ago I really felt stuck and restricted and was playing “poor me” over and over in my head. I didnt feel like I could find $2 in my car ashtray…

But after making a massive shift in my inner state – suddenly I’ve got $5k coming in.

The KEY thing here though, is that that $5k Im speaking of WAS ALWAYS there, waiting to be got. I just couldn’t see it with my mind clouded as fuck with stories and bullshit and poor me self talk.

The same is true no matter what you are after in life.

If you want more money… its available.

If you want to lose all the weight… the answer is available.

If you want more intimacy… its there for you.

Its there WHEN you are ready to shift the story that it aint.

If youre feeling a little triggered by this, thats cool. I would have been a couple hours ago too. It felt too hard, like life wasnt fair, like no-one would understand. It felt like I was under a mountain of shit so deep I couldn’t see the top.

But just remember –

New millionaires are made every day…

Instagram is full of women just like you with abs…

And someone somewhere is being loved just like you want to.

Make the shift.

Get out of your own way.

Live the life you were born for.



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