Apply the desert island test.

I’ll explain this in a moment, but first, THIS –

Who made this whole weight loss thing so fucking boring? When did it become about eating restrictive diets and not being allowed to listen to your body when its tellin’ you it needs sumthin?

We have had a sort of rut going this past few weeks based on a huge workload coupled with the usual kid and life challenges where you dont sleep enough but the world doesnt care and still expects you to be your usual 10 out of 10 self.

And as I sat here this morning doing my journaling I again came back to what we always know about life, weight loss and business –

Focus your attention on what feels good for you.

If you want an amazing body – dont focus on what it looks like in the mirror.

Focus on making choices and taking action that makes you FEEL good.

So, the desert island test –

If you were on a desert island, all alone with no chance of anyone seeing you, would how your abs looked matter that much? Would it matter enough to focus on how you cant see them and get frustrated with how long its taking and how you’ve been “good” and…and…?

If it were me – no.

Id still want to FEEL good…

But i really wouldn’t care that much how my stomach looked.

It doesnt mean dont have aesthetic goals – these are still fine. But they come from making choices that make you feel good.

It also doesnt mean you avoid hard work. While im training and my muscles are in pain and my heart is threatening to burst, sure, it doesnt feel comfortable. But that doesnt mean I dont enjoy the challenge. It doesnt mean that you cant find joy in working through pain.

Whenever I say do what makes you feel good, the whingey whiney do nothings of the world always sarcastically say “i feel like eating doughnuts…” or “I feel like cake…”

That’s also what my 4 year old says…

What really makes you feel good?

A killer workout can.

Intimacy without doubt or self judgement can.

The right foods for your body can.

And even sometimes a piece of cake can too.

Look lovely, this journey to your ideal body can go down one of two ways –

Either its a drudge, with lots of effort and constant focus on forcing your body to “burn calories”…


You do more and more of what makes you feel good. REALLY makes you feel good – makes you feel connected and alive and excited and like you are growing and levelling up.

I know what im choosing.