I didn’t sleep well last night. Not sure why, I was just uncomfortable and my body felt really wired up and like I couldn’t relax.

This doesnt happen to me very often and I lay there frustrated at myself and hating everyone in the world that happened to be sleeping well right then. Probably like many mothers with children that don’t sleep or babies who bother you with demands for breastmilk and other unreasonable night time requests…

Charlize has a touch of a cold at the moment, and Im using all my fave remedies to make the absolute fuck sure I don’t get it. Does anyone else use Sambucol at first sign of, well anything?

Of course, my body decided to balance my terrible night out by waking me up early as well. I lay there for a while, rolling endlessly, searching for that comfy position that the previous 8 hours didn’t seem to bring, before deciding to get up –

And get a nice hot cup of go fuck yourself world.

Ever feel like that?

Like your suffering is the worst and you know the day is going to be epically full of stuff to do like parenting and work and creating your dreams?

And you’re sure that no one else has it as bad as you do at that moment?

Pity party for one please!!

The thing is, you are going to have to parent and of course you want to do that well.

You’re going to have to take care of your body and thats gonna take some zing.

And you better fucking be working towards creating whatever dream is inside of you right now.

Otherwise, whats the point of this life thing, right?


So when I feel like this, when I wake up with my “fuck off face”, but I know I don’t want it to set the tone for the day –

I IMMEDIATELY reach for my journal.

And I tune in to whats going on inside me.

And I dump ALL the shit that is going on within.

And I reconnect to why I even do what I do with my life.

I journal on the amazing community that is being built here and what it is going to look like when it reaches 10,000 women who are all committed to growth and hustle in their body and their lives –

Women just like you.

I journal on how I am going to put my body back together after having baby number 2, on how it is going to be as hot as it was before and all the awesome things that I am going to do with it –

Just like you can.

I journal on the growth in my relationship this year, around taking our sexuality to a new level and other ways to deepen our connection –

Like you should.

I write and I affirm and I just keep on going until my mood and my energy have returned to their normal high levels and I am feeling ready.



Make no mistake gorgeous, how you feel each day has nothing to do with whats going on OUTSIDE you…

And every to do with what is going on within.

You ALWAYS have the power to tune in, release, and then lift your energy to epically outrageous, carpe diem, seize the day motherfucker proportions!!

It’s always a choice.

If you let what happens outside of you set the tone for the day you will always feel like life is pushing you around gorgeous.

This is why we created The Body Hustle With Stacey And Ryan – the ‘nets hottest new membership program – because to have a hot as fuck body you need to take action on that shit DAILY!

And if you wake up not feeling it, not wanting to play, tired, or resistant or whatever and you don’t turn that shit around –

You will never have the body you want… or the life most likely.

The Body Hustle not only has our daily journal practice, but also creates massive ACCOUNTABILITY and COMMUNITY support to keep you going when it all seems a bit much.

Of course, it has all the exercise and food stuff you need as well to jack your energy through the roof too 🙂

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