I’ve always had a side to me that constantly asks the question, ‘there’s got to be more to life than JUST this right?’. The bloody day to day rules and routines that you all live by, but totally hate. You get so caught up in going through the daily grind that you forget, YOU have the power to do absolutely anything!

Holy shit it is TRUE!

This has been playing on my mind massively lately. I hate routine and I have always broken the rules (my poor mother, I’m sure my little girl is going to pay me back BIG time) it gets me all worked up inside and I feel like I want to explode with boredom!

I know you feel this, you just don’t want to say it out loud!

Well, I’m doing that part for you and I’m giving you permission to know that it is absolutely fine to hate the routine! To hate doing the washing and being a slave to social media as soon as you wake up, to having to eat the same stupid breakfast every morning, to hate ging through the god dam motions…

I declare here and now that I am going to change things up on a weekly basis, daily even, look out because it’s going to get a little crazy up in here! I’m saying good ridden’s to the shit rules that I live by daily, that keep bringing me down and HELLO to starting to find some new ways of doing my daily grind!

So on Monday, bloody Monday why does everyone wana start something on a Monday!! Stupid crazy psychology of a Monday. This week, this Monday for you it can be the start of all things new, exciting, maybe even a little crazy or the boring same old week…


If you want to join me in this adventure make sure you follow my posts over the coming weeks! I’m going to be EXPERIMENTING with different diets, fads, cosmetic miracles, recovery techniques, and a hole heaps of shit just to have some fun with life. No one size fits all here. Lets find out what we love!

I don’t really care if you join me or not…

BUT the consequence of not joining, is that you are going to be doing the same old shit you are doing now, getting the same old results you are getting now. So if you are totally happy with your daily routine then don’t experiment with me.


If you are READY to experiment then comment below, as I will set up a group where you can abuse me over the coming weeks and probably each other!

Let’s find what we love, hate, what excites us make us feel alive and what we can do to make ourselves feel free happy and lively.