You know that thing you do, where you run from one diet to the next hoping in vain that this time, THIS time it will all click into place… finally?

Well #sorrynotsorry honey but the common factor in all these diets that don’t work –


Yeah, you’re the problem.

Now before you throw that salad in the bin and reach for a brownie let me make a point – there is nothing wrong with your body.

It works oh-so-perfectly and just as it should.

The problem is that you are fucking clueless as to HOW it works.

Which is kinda CA-RAZY gorgeous since its telling you all the time what it wants and needs to be nourished and lean and sexy.

It tells you in the cravings you get.

It tells you in the feelings of hunger or satisfaction.

It tells you in your energy and life force.

It tells you in how often you go poopy.

Always Always ALWAYS sending you messages, with absolute love, hoping that you will turn in and TUNE in.

But… you don’t.

You wanna be told what’s “right” for you.

You want someone else to hold your little hand and tell you that its ok, its not your fault… you’ve just been missing the “correct” combo of protein, carbs and fats, that is going to magically work every single day of the rest of your life no matter whether you take responsibility for yourself or not.


Maybe that would work if you were a little fucking automaton without feelings and emotions and dreams and failings and moments of weakness and avoidance and resistance and all the other crazy mess that makes you up like it does me.


But I can tell you right now lovely, that if being in shape – HANG ON! Who the fuck wants to be in shape?? If being HOT as FUCK meant doing the same thing every day and never diving into decadent, ooey-gooey chocolate fuelled bingey indulgence when it strikes –

Ill take outa shape any day of the week.

Luuuuuuckily, you can have both.

Hot as fuck….
And ooey gooey chocolate indulgence.

But NOT if you are looking for a plan gorgeous.

Not if you are looking for the 7 steps or the shakes or the restriction or the NOT FROM WITHIN plan that someone else created for you without ever having known you.

Not like that.

The only way, is to listen within to that oh-so-perfect body that is sometimes whispering –

And sometimes SCREAMING –

At you and lovingly telling you what it wants and needs to be sexy as fuck.

It was never – and has never been – in a shake, a book, a pill, a needle, a spray, a packet or anywhere other than within –


Crazy, messy, chaotic, indulgent, loving, expressive – perfect – YOU.

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