We usually equate low energy with not enough sleep or bad food etc. But in my experience this is only part of the story.

More often than not, if youre feeling flat, tired, slow, grumpy, lazy or you are procrastinating like a mofo –

Then its more about energetic blocks than physical fatigue.

There has been a ton of times over the past year where we could have thrown our hands up, said fuck it and gone into cruise control… ok we may have done this a couple of times… or a couple more than a couple!

But, eventually we ALWAYS put ourselves back on course.

Back towards our goals and dreams.

Back towards the life we know we want to build.

When you feel tired, if youre brutally honest with yourself, often you will find that its not so much the fatigue – but that attachment to the story around the fatigue.

The story might be its not fair my kid kept me up all night…

The story might be life should be easier…

The story might be your hubby / boss / friend / or whoever isnt valuing you enough.

Whatever it is – its just a story. A little tale your mind tells you so that you have an excuse to scroll the facebook or over consume coffee or look for anything to do other than what you know you should… which we did A LOT!


Your body has an almost unlimited ability to handle shit.

Even through tropical jungle nose eating parasites, waking 5 – 10 times per night, literally losing our short term memories and stressing horribly that we had messed up our kids –

We still wrote and launched a (great) book, created automated income streams, stayed lean, did a business retreat and continued to grow personally and professionally.

So if our experience means anything to you, one of the best things you can do each day is to spend some time tuning in to what is going on inside of you – and getting it out.

It is ESSENTIAL, since youre not going to want to eat the foods you know you should every day…

Youre not going to want to do exercise every day…

Youre not going to want to step out of your comfort zone every day to continue to grow…

But these things are a must! Non-negotiables!

Well they are if you want to live the life you deserve – which we want to do.

We like to journal as its powerful but also convenient, so I suggest you start there if youre not right now.

Do it for a week and see the change.



Weight loss just aint gonna happen unless you shift those energetic blocks!

And even if it does, it wont last, since LIFE happens.

There will always be a sleepless night or a bad day or an argument with someone, things that pull you off course unless you can release them!

The Unstoppable Body is a weight loss book that goes beyond just food and exercise… of course it covers this stuff (duh!), but we also look into how you can create the right mindsets and habits to become UNSTOPPABLE in your weight loss journey.

And all for less than a coffee. Even better though, if youre coffee sucks you just have to grin and bear it.

But if you dont love our book – then we dont want you to pay for it.

You can email us and we will give your money back! Hundreds sold and hasnt happened yet, but hey, if it does – all good.

I dont know how much longer we will keep this offer going, so grab it now for some fun weekend reading.

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New Book: The Unstoppable Body