Its funny when women like you and I, the women that are often referred to as winners, who have so much accomplishment and so much in the way of results –

Are often the most likely to have a deep sense that something is missing.

Like you may be a killer when it comes to your job. Sales guru. Boss. Team leader. Business Queen… But for some reason you just cant seem to get your body results to match your work results. You say to yourself “Im fucking SMART… so why cant I figure this shit out?”

Or maybe you’ve got work locked down and your body is tracking in the right direction, but in the quiet moments at night you wonder if this is all there is going to be when it comes to your relationship. Is this as close and connected as you and hubby are going to get? Are you destined to be team mates in life, or will you bring the FIRE again?

Or maybe – and this is where we were just a few years ago – you are happy with your body, you got monies in da bank and you all your friends hashtag you with #relationshipgoals… but for some reason there is a deep feeling of being unsettled… a confusing feeling of being both rich in life, but somehow inside feeling empty and off track.

Ive been there.

The frustrating thing is, is that usually YOU are the one that your friends turn to for advice. And the advice you give is GOOD! Its on point and you can see when they actually fucking action it – your friends lives change for the better…

But for some reason, in the areas that matter most, you just cant seem to figure out which advice you should take for yourself!

I see smart and talented women all the time taking less than they are worth… less than they deserve. Women who have accepted the story that this is as good as it can get.

I have conversations with women who fucking KILL IT in their careers, but go home at night to luke-warm marriages where they sit and watch tv together and call that connection.

“Oh well, we are busy” is the story… like that is somehow justification for existing through the evenings.

I see women who have beautiful families that are full of love, but who just cant seem to put themselves the fuck first for a whole week in a row and so live in a body that they just dont find inspiring.

“I just dont get time with all the XYZ stuff to do for everyone else” is the story.

Look gorgeous:
Youre talented.
You’ve always been a winner.
If one of your friends came to you with these stories, you smack her verbally across the face so fast her head would spin!!

So stop accepting less than you are so totally obviously worthy of. Now!

And the thing is – Im not saying anything you dont know.

You hear that little inner voice whispering to you at night… You hear that ancient feminine guidance, rising up and actually speaking the solution to you… That intuitive knowing that comes from within that just doesnt make sense to the logical fear mind that you have been conditioned to believe in.

You know this voice is true, but you are just too SCARED to listen to it.

Scared, because even though you have so much, ARE so much, deep down you still feel –

Like a fraud.


Like this thing you want is only available to women who are smarter, more popular, cleverer, hotter, more confident… just more.

You are enough.

You are worthy to have everything you want.

You are worthy to have it all in life.

Start LISTENING to that voice again, like you used to when you were young. It isnt noisy chatter to make you feel down on yourself, it IS the path to what you want.

I cant promise it will lead you down a nice garden path full of roses and sweet smelling flowers. In fact it may just lead you down the darkest, rockiest and scariest fucking path in the jungle full of snakes and bears and shit.

But either way, it will lead you back to who you really are. To what you really desire.

And thats all that matters if you want to have it all in this life.