Needing willpower to lose weight and keep it off is basically saying that you hate what youre doing so much that you need to be forced to do it.

Take diet and exercise, if you feel you are lacking willpower – most likely you just hate the foods you “have” to eat and the exercise you “must” do to lose weight… or you have bought into the story that eating foods you love the taste of is “failing.”

Do you need willpower to love your partner? Of course not, you just love him.

Do you need willpower to endure a massage? No, it feels good and you want to keep going.

Is pleasuring yourself failing? No, its a necessity for life.

Why should weight loss be any different?

Im not saying that there aren’t occasions when short term willpower plays a part. When the ladies in our Society program are hitting the RESET switch on their bodies, there are a few days in the first two weeks where they need some willpower.

A few days in two weeks… That is all.

And doing it results ridiculous weight loss like 6kg in a week… So it feels pretty worth it, right?!

But if willpower is your long term plan…

If you are going to “grind it out” for the next 5, 10, or 20+ years…

If youre going to deny the chocolate and some wine and the other foods you love so you dont “fail”…

Well my dear – youre fucked!

Because you can’t live in a perpetual state of denial and lack and grind just to look a certain way.

Learn to STEP INTO the lifestyle that works for YOU.

This is what we teach in The Society –

How to DO YOU so that willpower isn’t needed.

If you would like to bring this more into your life right now – at no cost for a limited time – then private message us now for the deets.

Willpower never lasts gorgeous, because life was never meant to feel like a grind.