“I wondered where all my food went if it didn’t come out the other end!!”

Yep, I wanna talk about poop and specifically, why you can’t lose weight if you don’t poop EVERY day.

The above statement was from a woman who I think was sort of half joking but half not about the fact that she didn’t poop every day…

And she’s not alone.

I speak to women DAILY that don’t poop enough – LITERALLY every day! Its actually MORE common than not for a woman who is trying to lose weight to go poopy once every two, three – or more days!!

And this aint a good thing baby!

Here’s what happens if you don’t “drop the kids off at the pool” every day 🙂

First, the poop builds up inside you (duh!) This reduces your ability to absorb your food which means – you need to eat more! Yep your body needs more food coz less of the nutrients get through so you EAT MORE!

Now since your body isn’t absorbing as well, you get TIRED. And whats the food you reach for when you’re tired? Not freakin broccoli thats for sure! You go for SUGAR don’t you? Coz when you’re tired sugar makes keeps you awake. Only problem is that the sugar makes the problem worse.

Now all this built up poop and the extra sugar sets your gut bacteria to riot – which equals gas and farts and bloating!! Gut bacteria arent your enemy though, they are the CLEAN UP crew. They are trying to do you a favour and get rid of the garbage, but they can’t and you keep putting food on top!!

So now the bacteria and the built up poop raise your toxicity levels to the max! And you feel tired, have stinky pits, get sick more often, need even MORE sugar and well, just generally feel like arse.

Oh! And remember the garbage trapped inside you that we spoke about a minute ago? Your body STILL wants to get that out! So it tries to squeeze it out your skin, your tongue and just about anywhere else it can. So your skin looks terrible, your tongue gets white and yucky and you probably get dandruff or other skin flakey things…

And here is THE most IMPORTANT part of all this gorgeous –

You can’t lose weight while your body is spending all its time dealing with being full of shit.


Lemme say that again –

You will NEVER lose all the weight and NEVER have a flat stomach if you –






If this is you, message me now and stop wasting your time with diet and exercise coz its NOT going to work alone. Let me save you months and probably YEARS by sorting this out for you in just a few weeks.

And then watch the weight fall off…

And get compliments on your youthful skin…

And have annoying amounts of energy…

And finally know what a flat stomach feels like.