I have found myself allowing my stories and my excuses to dictate my actions or my lack of actions rather.

I have been telling myself…
“I’m too tired”
“It’s too hard right now”
“I don’t have the time or the energy”
“I don’t know what to do”

Do you experience these stories in your own life?

Sometimes this talk track just goes on and on in the background of my mind and I lose days, weeks and even months. Then one day I wake up and have this overwhelming sense of, “where the fuck has the last few months gone?!”

I haven’t trained, I haven’t done the things I love doing, I’ve eaten a whole lot worse and mostly I just feel like shit.
The funny thing is, I don’t feel any better for buying into the stories and excuses.

I don’t feel any better for sitting on the couch instead of moving my body.

I don’t feel any better for buying into the negative BS.
It makes everything worse. EVERYTHING!

I thought I was immune to my own stories, that I was beyond my excuses… Turns out there is levels.

Levels upon levels of my own BS.

But again, I choose to step forward TO RELEASE THE NEGATIVE STORIES.

To release my excuses.

To take one step at a time and to ENJOY the process.
I know you are like me, I hear your excess, I know your stories…
My question to you is…

Is your happiness, your energy, you love for life BIGGER than your excuses?

If you are here, and you have read this post, I know you WANT to unleash your love for life.

When you allow the excuses and stories to drop away, life becomes easy, weight loss becomes easy, everything is WAY more fun.

I know you want this.
I know you know this is the way
I know you are thinking how the fuck do you find this, the stories, the excuses are all I have known (at least for a long time now)
You start again.

You give yourself permission to START again.

To wipe the slate clean, no matter how many times you have failed, no matter how many different diets you have tried, no matter how much you hate exercise…

You wipe that fucking slate clean and decide, you make a CHOICE.

You CHOOOSE your happiness over your negativity.
You choose to recreate your stories
You choose to define your own reality
You choose to release any OLD excuses that held you down.
You choose to be FREE.

I know you want help with this gorgeous.

I know I can help you step through this, because I hold myself to this level, I choose every day to see what holds me and to step forward with JOY anyways.

I choose my happiness daily and, in The Society, I can guide you to do the same.

What’s the Society – Its an exclusive club for REBEL women who want to live an EPIC life in a HOT AF body – no excuses, no stories just REAL results from taking responsibility for everything in life.

This is not for every lady.

Its only for women who are READY to release their SHIT forever, the women that are willing to look at what holds them back (it isn’t food or exercise), the real shit that has them emotional eating, looking for love and connection in food and clothes…

Are you ready for the real work?

Hit me up and I will see if you are a fit for REAL weight loss, REAL life, REAL Love and an EPIC LIFE!